Empowering By Example

Our Sucess Stories


53 people have come through the programme since March 2011


‘Recovering alcoholic 10 years sober, suffering from depression, was suicidal didn’t want to get out of bed, very angry which showed in their appearance, hostile towards other people, blamed other people for their behaviour and suffered from anxiety and on prescribed medication.
Result; Is no longer on medication is aware of how their thinking and behaviour effects their whole being and recognises when to challenge their self , has accepted responsibility for their own thinking and behaviour, accepts people for who they are, no longer wants to control other people and can maintain boundaries without becoming aggressive. Is now a volunteer attending C.O.S.C.A. counselling skills course and has a calm and friendly appearance’.


‘Alcoholic /addict still active, angry appearance unable to mix or communicate with others, afraid to go out isolated their self for long periods of time, suffered from anxiety, suffered from depression low confidence and self esteem has suicidal thoughts.
Result 5 month clean and sober, clam in appearance, communicates well in group and has become more sociable, no longer anxious or isolates their self or has suicidal thoughts’.

(Note* names have been changed to protect the identity of the participants)











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